Where do you ship to?

We are shipping worldwide.

How much is the shipping to my country?

We have worldwide free shipping! We offer extra options like registered package or express shipping with EMS for an extra fee.

When will I receive my box?

The free shipping usually takes 2 weeks. With EMS express shipping it is 3-6 days. Depending on your country there can be more options, you can check them after you provided your shipping information.

Boxes normally ship out within 2 business days from the date your payment was received.

How do I track my order?

Only registered packages can be tracked. You can choose this option when you are ordering. In this case you will receive the tracking information by e-mail after your box is dispatched.

What if my box is lost?

If you don’t receive your box in time, please contact us. If it was registered and lost by the postal company, we will refund your payment or sending a new box, depending on your decision.

In what kind of packiging will I receive my order?

We are shipping every order in official Japan Post box.




What are the Premium boxes and how often do you offer them?

Premium boxes contain higher quality and often rare or seasonal products. The items in a Premium box are not random, they are built around a certain theme and every item is chosen with care to compliment each other. Premium boxes are always limited editions, usually just 1 or 2 designed at the same time.

What does random mean in your suprise boxes?

What most of our boxes contain is random in shape, taste and brand, but always the same high quality. It is part of the fun to always find some unexpected toy or rare items together with the snacks. Because it is always great surprise to open a box and find out what exciting things are in it. We are never sending the same configuration twice, every box is a new experience.

What if I have some kind of food allergy?

If you have some food allergy, please don’t try out the boxes.