Japanese snacks and candies for Valentine’s Day

A special Valentine’s Day with Japanese snacks and candies. Check out our boxes: Valentine’s Day Love Potion Random Pack http://forgetsushi.com/product/valentines-day-love-potion-random-pack/ Valentine’s Day Love Potion Premium Pack ‘A’- only 1 in stock http://forgetsushi.com/product/valentines-day-premium-pack-b-just-one-in-stock/ Valentine’s Day Love Potion Premium Pack ‘B’- only 1 in stock http://forgetsushi.com/product/valentines-day-premium-pack-a-just-one-in-stock/  

Japanese Candy Taste Test

We really like the CrazyRussianHacker aka Taras Kul’s Youtube channels. Always entertaining, informative and just in general fun to watch. His positive attitude and childlike curiosity mixed with his scientific and practical mindset is something what  we appreciate. So sending him a gift box to explore was a natural step. What we didn’t expect is […]

The ultimate Kyoto sweets: yatsuhashi

  Looking like a raw pasta folded in triangle shape and coming with maaaany flavors: this is a unique Japanese wagashi, called Yatsuhashi , which you can find only in Kyoto! Wagashi means traditional and typical Japanese sweets, mostly with hundreds years of history. In wagashi you can expect rice based sweets and using green tea, azuki bean […]